time capsule (wardrobe)

time capsule (wardrobe)


Maybe it’s due to my east coast upbringing, but I love a certain efficiency: words, meetings, and with my wardrobe.

I liken my own closet to a NY Soho boutique, as it’s a focused, minimalist collection that I combine in various combinations.  A quick internet search attributes the origin of a capsule wardrobe to (per Wikepedia) Susie Faux, who owned a British boutique, Wardrobe.

My experience with the concept started with my time studying at Fashion Institute of Technology.  Instructors used the term capsule collection when referencing how fashion designers created staples each season.  Growing up in the nineties, I remember Donna Karan’s designs popularizing the growing aesthetic of pared down style (although it’s amusing to me now how a bodysuit was on the list of practical must-have items…I mean have you *tried* going to the bathroom with one on?!).

Currently, my wardrobe consists of items I love, hard.  Which means that six months to a year lifespan for items makes sense.  When it feels like a former favorite is no longer serving me, I’m ready to let it go and either consign, or donate it.

And that’s why I really enjoy this method of dressing–it’s always an up-to-date snapshot of your life, and ready to evolve…  Like my (amazing!) photographer friend, Felicia Reed below.  We’re putting together a collection for an exciting overseas work trip.

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

Need help creating your own #capsulecollection?  Contact me here.

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