Fearless Friday: Accessorize with Good Karma

Fearless Friday: Accessorize with Good Karma

image1I love when I can wear beautiful things that allow me to support social entrepreneurship.

Kanti Goods is owned by my friend Ernestine Lammers. She was inspired to create a business that allows artisans from various parts of the world to make a livelihood with their beautiful wares!

As my clients are well aware of, I can be a minimalist dresser. I often remark that my closet looks like a sparse New York City boutique. I try to be very thoughtful about each season and wearing only what I love.

Which means colorful accessories with interesting detailing are a welcome addition to my outfits. I’m especially fond of my new tote bag which has bits of repurposed shopping bags woven into the basket.

Please check out kantigoods.com

Work It Wednesday: Fashion Miracles

Work It Wednesday: Fashion Miracles


I’ve been in the retail and styling biz for a while now–I celebrated my four year anniversary as a personal stylist this July–but nothing of this sort has happened before.

While shopping with one of my clients (Hi Kathryn!), I found her a great pair of boot cut AG denim for ONE CENT. You read that correctly. Turns out the fashion stars aligned!


Fearless Fridays: Please Print

Fearless Fridays: Please Print

miramar3dpicThanks to Fashionista.com, I learned about Danit Peleg, the recent design graduate who used 3D printers to create her five piece collection.

I’m always excited to hear of a fashion designer that is interested in taking risks with new technology. I love Peleg’s philosophy behind her work. She states:

“I believe that technology will help democratize fashion and give designers more independence in the creation process.”


Fearless Fridays: Alexis Bittar (aka my lucite love)

Fearless Fridays: Alexis Bittar (aka my lucite love)

More than four years ago when I worked as a Nordstrom personal stylist, I was introduced to Alexis Bittar’s jewelry. His fondness for vintage baubles (no doubt influenced by his antique collecting parents) is reflected in his use of lucite.

Alexis Bittar sword earrings

I was taken by the sculptural element of Bittar’s jewelry, and the use of color.
And in one of my first blog posts I showed how I liked mixing my vintage jewelry with his square bangles.


My love for his aesthetic has expanded recently. Bittar used style icon Iris Apfel for his recent spring campaign. Using the ninety-four-year old aligns with his effort to broaden the fashion industry’s often narrow view of beauty.

Iris Apfel and Alexis Bittar

Who is your favorite jewelry designer?

Fearless Fridays: Closet Karma

Fearless Fridays: Closet Karma


I often write about my favorite designers, finds, or memories, but don’t usually mention my process for helping clients.

When I first work with clients, we start off with a closet consult. I approach the process holistically, hence naming it “Changing the Karma of Your Closet”!

The goal is to create a wardrobe you WEAR AND LOVE.


(We can’t all have the closet from Clueless)

I firmly believe that by letting go of the items that aren’t serving you, it allows for something better to come your way. Oftentimes, there’s that shirt or pair of denim that you try on in the morning and end up taking off immediately because it doesn’t feel or look right. By taking a thoughtful look at the item and why it isn’t working out–the hem needs to be shortened, or the color washes you out–you’re able to make a decision to keep it or not.


(This outfit from MANGO needs to find its way into my wardrobe)

We all have to get dressed in the morning.  Here’s your opportunity to decide what message you want to convey.

Well I hope this helps the next time you look in your closet.

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