Nicola Formichetti is mostly known as the sartorial partner-in-crime to Lady Gaga, and the designer at the helm of Thierry Mugler, but he was a formidable presence even pre-LG.  I admire how he can meld such varying looks and create an artistic and beautiful vision.

The recent discovery of Kepler-22, a planet that is the most similar to earth intrigues me.  Being that its diameter is 2.4 times bigger in size can make a girl think.  The film Another Earth might be entirely possible–would there be a doppelganger of each of us?  And since it’s larger in size, does that go for our parallel lives too?

I love the idea of dreaming up a more glamorous and over-the-top version of myself…What would your doppelganger be like?  Who knows, it might even allow you to incorporate some of those dreams into this reality.

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