I like to think of summer in Austin as a challenge: how do I dress like myself in this oppressive heat?!  Maybe the stakes feel higher because I can describe my style very specifically:  New York in the fall.  It’s practically comical how adamant I can be about committing to an outfit (and I’m not the only gothamist who feels this way).  Take for example a holiday party three or four years ago– a friend commented on how I was still wearing my sweater indoors (mind you our winters feel more like early fall).  Without missing a beat, another party-goer who happened to also be a client responded for me, “oh she’s wearing the whole look.”

Maybe that’s why I’ve shown up to a client’s home in tights on an obviously sunny day. It should be noted that overcompensation for the heat happens often, and it’s not a surprise that a severe temperature drop indoors is a regular occurrence.

touching Calypso fabrics

That feeling  when you need natural fibers against your skin.

So what’s my suggestion for a literally (!) cool summer outfit?  I’m always in favor of silk.  Not only does it feel delightful against the skin, but it falls smoothly against the body allowing the material to move with you.

No matter what the fabric, opt for a print or a more saturated color.  This way, if the walk is much longer than anticipated from your car to the venue, you’ll be relieved that your sweat stains seamlessly blend into the pattern on your dress shirt (and not highlighting the diy job you just made).

And when all else fails wear a caftan, and enjoy a seventies glamour moment–ideally laid out on a chaise lounge if you can manage.

70's Butterick boho caftan dress pattern

1970’s Butterick pattern could be art