how to dress with the blues header

I definitely have experience with #depression.

It does get a little complicated when I’m feeling blue and still have to step out of my house.  My aim for myself when I’m in this state is to just put one foot in front of the other.  And you probably know this already, but WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT, especially when you’ve fought the urge to just stay in bed.  See, I’m not concerned with exactly what you wear.  Instead, celebrate the fact you decided to face the world!

And maybe that’s why when clients ask me if there are some one-size-fits-all fashion rules on how to dress, I always leave room.  I believe that your relationship with clothing can be just as layered as an outfit on a cold winter day…

When I’m feeling like some clouds have lifted, and in a slightly better place, a favorite pair of earrings or shoes can be a helpful reminder of a favorite memory/person.  One of my most treasured accessories is a collection of coral bracelets from my parents’ visits to family in the Philippines.  It means even more now that it has been a couple of years since my father passed.

Maybe that’s why I love wearing my partner’s button down wrapped around my waist–in true nineties fashion– on a night out dancing with friends.  It’s like receiving a hug from her, no matter where she is.

So here’s a reminder to all the fashionistas out there who are/have grappled with depression: you’re not alone, and it’s okay to not feel put together when you’re going through it.  High five for self care!