petal pusher

petal pusher

Despite being only eleven years old when the film Working Girl debuted, it certainly made a lasting impression on me regarding what you wear to work.  The (funny) story of a self made business woman’s rise to the top, I took a cue from Melanie Griffith’s wardrobe.

All those strong shouldered jackets with their sharp tailoring still catch my eye, like this version from Zara:


What makes this jacket is the floral print.  I love how a print of this nature could be overly precious, but when paired with the no-fuss cut makes for a striking combination.  Also unlike the delicate flower prints of the eighties, the current trend comes in technicolor hues.

Now as readers of my blog are aware, I believe fashion is more fun when you get to express yourself in an artful mannertombinnsflowerlookingearringsThese Tom Binns earrings remind me (with some squinting and imagination) of blooming flowers.

For the more classic dresser, I suggest this Opening Ceremony loafer with a flower print instead.  Normally this scale of print can be overwhelming when worn on the body, but is perfect on your tootsies!  This is a great way to update your timeless wardrobe too, and keep outfits interesting.  This shoe would be just as chic with a cardigan and shift dress for the office as well as with a t-shirt and slouchy denim on the weekends.


Hello friends.

Hello friends.

This is my very *first* blog.  I want to share my love of fashion, especially the visionairies who have innovative and unique ideas (I’m talking to you Opening Ceremony, call me!)  As my clients know, I get very excited introducing someone to a brand they’ve never heard about but I know they’ll just LOVE.  So why not use a collage I made when I envisioned what fashion meant to me?  For me it symbolizes whimsy, glamour, elegance, and a chance to both transcend and proudly display where you’ve come from.  Sometimes all in one outfit.

Glad you’re on this journey with me.