A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty



Most of you are aware that I LOVE knowing about up-and-coming fashion lines…  I am especially excited to come upon the accessories brand, A Peace Treaty.


a peace treaty scarves

For Farah Malik and Dana Arbib, APT is a product of their shared philosophy of peace.  Their goal is to not only employ artisans whose ancient crafting techniques can continue, but also support harmony in areas of the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.  It’s worth noting that the owners practice what they preach–Malik is a Muslim and Arbib is Jewish.

This union translates into a beautiful ornamentation of scarves and jewelry.  The Tavla collection is inspired by the Op-Art movement and has a particular mod look.

a peace treaty white circular necklaceThe clear Eserazade necklace is made of resin and brass, which is handmade in India.  I enjoy the sculptural element to the design.

I love the illusion of your ears being spiked by the Tekneci earring–the two pieces actually screw on.

My favorite scarf is the Aurora Neon.  Made of crepe silk, this generous scarf has a graceful drape and lightness.  It can easily be worn with denim, or as an evening shawl.

a peace treaty square scarf model

Why not shop for beautiful adornments that also have threads of social consciousness?  Visit apeacetreaty.com!



dreaming of layers

dreaming of layers

Lately I’ve been daydreaming, trying to conjure memories of fall weather.  It’s been closer to a decade (!) since leaving NYC, but I still get forlorn thinking about September on the east coast.

Layering is an exciting signal that the summer months are gone.  The brand Rag and Bone is great for gearing up for cooler weather.  Nothing makes me feel more like a sharp dresser than a smartly tailored jacket.  David Neville and Marcus Wainwright mix the masculine with the feminine to create a slightly androgynous, subtly sexy look.

I often find myself  trying to persuade mother nature by topping my outfit with a scarf.  Reminiscing of walking around New York on a chilly day makes me (almost) forget the chaos that would whip around you.

As an Austinite, it’s easy to work scarves into your everyday wardrobe.  They’re ideal for our usually mild fall weather, and you have the option of throwing it around your shoulders when it gets a bit cooler in the evening.

(Photos top left and right from ragandbone.com. Bottom left photo courtesy of vince.com.)