For the past few days I’ve been nursing a cold.   This often involves fever dreams about my adolescence.  I vividly recall my flower print maxi dresses, discovering my love of mixing stripes with other prints, and seeing if it all went together with my Doc Martens.


Naturally, I have a soft spot for nineties fashion that seems to be popping up everywhere: chunky platform footwear, interesting cut outs and shoulder detailing, and lots of black.  Now I get to indulge in the looks I wore then (minus the perm I sorely regretted soon after), but with my new take.   Because it’s now worn with a more womanly perspective, it’s only fitting that there’s a sensuous element rather than the self conscious version of my teens.

My suggestion?  Going either side of the extreme: working an over-the-top look defined by one standout piece, like a blazer in velvet with a baroque pattern, or  ultra minimalist in a simple black dress using your bare skin and some choice jewelry as your accessories.  And if you catch a quick reflection or a faint shadow of yourself when you’re rocking your new look,  just imagine what the teenage version of yourself might say…


(Shoes and dress courtesy of; baroque print from