Referencing the holiday song, “Silver Bells”, I made a slight alteration in the lyrics (for the sake of this blog post).  I often think of the season as a social time.  This means parties, and lots of them: festive parties for your company, intimate gatherings celebrating with friends, and every event in between.  And if you’re like me the inevitable question is, “what do I wear?”.

My favorite remedy to this question is vintage.  Most of us don’t get the opportunity to dress up like we do for the holidays.  Here’s a chance to wear that vibrant color or luxe fabric that you usually shy away from.  Think of this time as an excuse to get fancy.

I recently discovered the lovely site Delena Vintage.  They appreciate dresses from another era and highlight their finds.

Delena Vintage red vintage shift

This is a great time to indulge in sumptuous fabrics, like the red velvet shift above.

Delena Vintage black party dressI love the simplicity of this chiffon party dress from the sixties.

Delena Vintage plaid capeOr for a more casual possible outdoor setting, why not wrap yourself in this lovely plaid cape?







Finally if you’re more interested in just making your accessories holiday oriented, why not a vintage beaded clutch?  I particularly like the varying colors of stripes which you can coordinate with your outfit.delena vintage beaded purseWhatever you find yourself in this holiday season, I wish you joy and love!