Since moving here to Austin, I’ve come to believe there are only three seasons: fall-winter, spring, and SUMMER.  We brace ourselves for the searing heat that usually starts well before the soltice arrives and long after the leaves start turning colors in other regions.

Which is why I have been on a near obsessive quest for a flip flop.  One that I can wear with varying degrees of casual dress, and that quietly blends in with my skin tone.  As close to a nude open toe pump as possible, but in a thonged form.  This may sound like an improbability.  The good news is that one actually exists: tkees.  Here’s the color I decided on called cocobutter.

tkees cocobutter flip flopPronounced “t-keys”, Carly Burnett created (with her husband) a style of flip flop that could “disappear on your foot.”

Of course, there is an array of colors and finishes.  And being that I tend to appreciate contrasts, especially in style, I’m just as crazy about one named “disco nights”:

t kees disco nights flip flopsI’m now officially footloose and fancy free.

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