Just a year ago I took the leap of faith from Nordstrom stylist (where I worked for 3 1/2 years), to Personal Fashion Stylist/Wardrobe Stylist.

I’m so grateful that I’ve landed on my feet, especially with these on:

Where did I get these rouge colored mary janes?  Nordstrom!

I attended the press preview of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.   A year ago I could not have imagined being invited for my work as a wardrobe stylist (see my latest fashion spread with Austin L Style G Style magazine here).

If you’ve read my past blog posts you know I have a penchant for quirky, artistic fashion designers.  I do however love discussing with my personal clients how to marry the looks we see on the runway with everyday fabulousness!

Here’s another item I had to snap up during the sale:

This two tone skirt would be just as fun coordinated with a printed top (provided the scale of the print doesn’t compete with the bi-colored bottom).  I especially look forward to wearing these two items together.  I can’t wait to throw on a simple  t-shirt with a swingy open cardigan from Vince (vince.com)  to  run around town during the fall…

So I just want to say thanks to my clients, style talk hosts, and everyone for making this quite a fun adventure!



p.s.  Oh, and check out the Nordstrom sale which is open to the public starting July 20th at nordstrom.com!