I realized I’ve been neglecting my male readers for too long.  Hopefully this post can start to remedy that…

Occasionally there is a brand whose current aesthetic folds effortlessly into your own you wonder if they’ve been looking in your journal and found a few of your doodles (yes, naturally I have a fondness for sketching shoes).

Cole Haan has always been a favorite of mine, since I am a devotee of the classic-with-a-twist look.  Excitingly, it looks like the brand is emphasizing the twist:


Take for example this wingtip: classic silhouette, but the outsole, with its colorful border, is what gives it a distinctive look.  Worn with a gray suit, the rest of the outfit can afford to be understated when you’ve got interesting accessories.  And what better way to inject some of your personality than a pair of sharp dress shoes?

Then there’s the interestingly named chukka boot (according to Wikipedia, the name comes from the game of polo).  These ankle length boots look great when paired with a dark raw denim with a rolled hem.

I especially like the chocolate color of the suede for fall:


Take a look at the rest of the collection here.

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