I have a new favorite fashion line.  And it just happens to be menswear.  The brand is called Public School.  Created by a duo of native New Yorkers (one of which grew up close to my Queens hometown), Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne design fashion forward, athletically inspired clothing.

public school designers

Their love for NYC is something the designers strongly identify with, and it certainly shows, especially with their exclusive black and white color palette (with the exception of a chambray blue or wine color in the mix.)  The luxe casual wear created with a sharp eye also is made from material sourced internationally, from Italy to Japan.

public school ombre button down

Finding sophisticated and pared down fashion can be a challenge.  Which is why I’m really looking forward to their women’s line, in the works.  This is how I envision getting dressed in morning:  simple silhouettes with a bit of an androgynous edge.  And piling on brightly colored accessories to the classic black and white wardrobe would be my sartorial ideal!

public school wool sweater with leather sleeve

Check out Public School and give these hometown boys some love.