According to my Merriam Webster dictionary, the word purple has quite a range.  It can be used to refer to something regal, ornate, or in contrast, marked by profanity.  As always, I find extremes fascinating; it’s even more intriguing when you can add a visual element too.

A recent favorite of mine is Charlie Le Mindu.  The French designer, now based in London, has the ability to be both elegant and profane simultaneously.  His talent as a coiffeur has expanded to creating clothing and accessories made of hair, his favorite medium.  To my delight, his newest collection consists of a palette of black, white, and lavender.  And just look at those hats!

This has just deepened my need to pile on accessories with purple as the anchoring color.  Below, I’ve taken a picture to demonstrate how I  like to feel (as one of my client’s puts it) OTT, or over the top.