the heat is on

the heat is on

I like to think of summer in Austin as a challenge: how do I dress like myself in this oppressive heat?!  Maybe the stakes feel higher because I can describe my style very specifically:  New York in the fall.  It’s practically comical how adamant I can be about committing to an outfit (and I’m not the only gothamist who feels this way).  Take for example a holiday party three or four years ago– a friend commented on how I was still wearing my sweater indoors (mind you our winters feel more like early fall).  Without missing a beat, another party-goer who happened to also be a client responded for me, “oh she’s wearing the whole look.”

Maybe that’s why I’ve shown up to a client’s home in tights on an obviously sunny day. It should be noted that overcompensation for the heat happens often, and it’s not a surprise that a severe temperature drop indoors is a regular occurrence.

touching Calypso fabrics
That feeling  when you need natural fibers against your skin.

So what’s my suggestion for a literally (!) cool summer outfit?  I’m always in favor of silk.  Not only does it feel delightful against the skin, but it falls smoothly against the body allowing the material to move with you.

No matter what the fabric, opt for a print or a more saturated color.  This way, if the walk is much longer than anticipated from your car to the venue, you’ll be relieved that your sweat stains seamlessly blend into the pattern on your dress shirt (and not highlighting the diy job you just made).

And when all else fails wear a caftan, and enjoy a seventies glamour moment–ideally laid out on a chaise lounge if you can manage.

70's Butterick boho caftan dress pattern
1970’s Butterick pattern could be art
Fearless Fridays: Alexis Bittar (aka my lucite love)

Fearless Fridays: Alexis Bittar (aka my lucite love)

More than four years ago when I worked as a Nordstrom personal stylist, I was introduced to Alexis Bittar’s jewelry. His fondness for vintage baubles (no doubt influenced by his antique collecting parents) is reflected in his use of lucite.

Alexis Bittar sword earrings

I was taken by the sculptural element of Bittar’s jewelry, and the use of color.
And in one of my first blog posts I showed how I liked mixing my vintage jewelry with his square bangles.


My love for his aesthetic has expanded recently. Bittar used style icon Iris Apfel for his recent spring campaign. Using the ninety-four-year old aligns with his effort to broaden the fashion industry’s often narrow view of beauty.

Iris Apfel and Alexis Bittar

Who is your favorite jewelry designer?

first day outfit

first day outfit

A couple of years back, I found myself in my parents’ NYC apartment rooting through all the boxes I stuffed in a corner closet (sorry mom and dad for still using it as storage!)

Out of all the gems I unearthed, my favorite was a list–probably of my first three outfits for back-to-school.  On pink paper.

pink first day outfit_0002It may be pretty entertaining now, but I imagine my new school year jitters prompted me to write this list.  Here’s what I would have told my teenage self now that I have more life perspective, and working knowledge as a fashion stylist.


You may share a love for boy bands, science, and gymnastics with your friends, but you don’t necessarily have to be twinsies walking down the hall.  Explore a sense of style that interests you, and don’t worry about having to coordinate oufits with others.  Believe me, having your own individual style can develop into something more when you’re older–even as a career!


Susie Bubble multiple sunglassesFashion blogger Susie Bubble would have been my highschool fashion crush.  I believe we share a tenet about fashion–that what you wear can convey a feeling.
You can be your own walking art canvas.
I have a hazy memory of one day wearing copious amounts of black and dark lipstick, to suddenly wearing  bright thrift shop finds from the seventies to match my new fuchsia haircolor.  (Disclaimer: dyeing your hair isn’t for everyone, kids.)


Part of your developing personality is how you put yourself together.  This may bring up some feelings of self criticism.  Instead, focus on the areas you like to emphasize.

I love wearing bold colors in classic shapes, like a pencil skirt in a cobalt blue that stops right at the knee (since I like my calves, lol.)

Susie Bubble backpack and shortsOkay, well I hope this helps you prepare for your first day outfit, whether it be for highschool or a back-to-work ensemble.



fancy free

fancy free

Since moving here to Austin, I’ve come to believe there are only three seasons: fall-winter, spring, and SUMMER.  We brace ourselves for the searing heat that usually starts well before the soltice arrives and long after the leaves start turning colors in other regions.

Which is why I have been on a near obsessive quest for a flip flop.  One that I can wear with varying degrees of casual dress, and that quietly blends in with my skin tone.  As close to a nude open toe pump as possible, but in a thonged form.  This may sound like an improbability.  The good news is that one actually exists: tkees.  Here’s the color I decided on called cocobutter.

tkees cocobutter flip flopPronounced “t-keys”, Carly Burnett created (with her husband) a style of flip flop that could “disappear on your foot.”

Of course, there is an array of colors and finishes.  And being that I tend to appreciate contrasts, especially in style, I’m just as crazy about one named “disco nights”:

t kees disco nights flip flopsI’m now officially footloose and fancy free.

To book an appointment with Miramar Dichoso personal fashion stylist, email her at

shape shifting

shape shifting

Minimalism.  I’ll always remember fondly as a young teenager reading about Italian designer Miuccia Prada.  This was the nineties and monastic dressing was the new style as a response to the over-the-top maximalism of the eighties.  The sartorial world pronounced Ms. Prada’s designs not only the height of fashion, but her position as the reigning queen.

Now, well into my thirties I am just as enamored with clean crisp lines today as I was then.  Sparse silhouettes are welcome in accessories as well.  One local jewelry line who embodies this aesthetic is Limbo Jewelry Design.

Limbo drop mixed necklace

limbodrop threader earrings

Limbo lotus bangle bracelet

Husband and wife team Edson Enriquez and Ann Rutt-Enriquez founded Limbo Jewelry Design in 2005.  As the creative director, Mr. Enriquez has a clear love for architecture which translates into playful use of shapes in the jewelry.  I’m particularly fond of the lariat necklaces, a staple for each season; you wear the necklace by threading one of the shapes through the other.  It not only creates a striking effect, but highlights how you can personalize the necklace and make it your own.

Please join me Thursday March 21st at 6:30pm for my first style talk of the season!  Limbo Jewelry Design is celebrating the opening of their new South Congress location in Austin, Texas…  For more information, please go here.

happy anniversary

happy anniversary

Just a year ago I took the leap of faith from Nordstrom stylist (where I worked for 3 1/2 years), to Personal Fashion Stylist/Wardrobe Stylist.

I’m so grateful that I’ve landed on my feet, especially with these on:

Where did I get these rouge colored mary janes?  Nordstrom!

I attended the press preview of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.   A year ago I could not have imagined being invited for my work as a wardrobe stylist (see my latest fashion spread with Austin L Style G Style magazine here).

If you’ve read my past blog posts you know I have a penchant for quirky, artistic fashion designers.  I do however love discussing with my personal clients how to marry the looks we see on the runway with everyday fabulousness!

Here’s another item I had to snap up during the sale:

This two tone skirt would be just as fun coordinated with a printed top (provided the scale of the print doesn’t compete with the bi-colored bottom).  I especially look forward to wearing these two items together.  I can’t wait to throw on a simple  t-shirt with a swingy open cardigan from Vince (  to  run around town during the fall…

So I just want to say thanks to my clients, style talk hosts, and everyone for making this quite a fun adventure!



p.s.  Oh, and check out the Nordstrom sale which is open to the public starting July 20th at!