Polka dots seem to be popping up everywhere recently.  I suggest however, instead of the cutesy precious polka dot of your childhood to instead go the more edgy route.  Can there be a noir-ish polka dot?  Oh yes, very much so.  

This Diane von Furstenberg dress when worn with ribbed black tights would be a pairing suited for a dimly lit restaurant–the only occasional brightness coming from the strike of a match for a cigarette.

I’m particularly fond of a departure from the two tone black and white dotted print, and instead favor the black-on-black look.  For some reason this reminds me of my adolescence  and reading Anais Nin on the noisy New York trains, influenced not only by her writing but also entranced by an accompanying portrait.  I too wanted the marcel waves and dark lipstick that informed her pout.

Maybe the  femme fetale of film noir would trade her stilettos for these dotted short boots.

Can’t you just picture it?  I imagine catching a view of our mystery woman’s silhouette  with only a quick glimpse of her shoes before she disappears into the night…

Photos (left to right)

Diane von Furstenberg Enny dress @ lyst.com

Portrait of Marlene Dietrich

Rag and Bone Classic Newbury boot @ rag-bone.com