petal pusher

petal pusher

Despite being only eleven years old when the film Working Girl debuted, it certainly made a lasting impression on me regarding what you wear to work.  The (funny) story of a self made business woman’s rise to the top, I took a cue from Melanie Griffith’s wardrobe.

All those strong shouldered jackets with their sharp tailoring still catch my eye, like this version from Zara:


What makes this jacket is the floral print.  I love how a print of this nature could be overly precious, but when paired with the no-fuss cut makes for a striking combination.  Also unlike the delicate flower prints of the eighties, the current trend comes in technicolor hues.

Now as readers of my blog are aware, I believe fashion is more fun when you get to express yourself in an artful mannertombinnsflowerlookingearringsThese Tom Binns earrings remind me (with some squinting and imagination) of blooming flowers.

For the more classic dresser, I suggest this Opening Ceremony loafer with a flower print instead.  Normally this scale of print can be overwhelming when worn on the body, but is perfect on your tootsies!  This is a great way to update your timeless wardrobe too, and keep outfits interesting.  This shoe would be just as chic with a cardigan and shift dress for the office as well as with a t-shirt and slouchy denim on the weekends.


welcome to the emerald city

welcome to the emerald city

For the uninitiated, Pantone declares one hue the color of the year.  In 2013, it’s all about the green–specifically emerald.

As someone who contemplated a career writing theory about fashion (like my academic idol Dorinne Kondo), I’m fascinated by how Pantone’s assertion of a color being on trend can result in seeing the shade everywhere.

From 3.1 Philip Lim Fall 2013
From 3.1 Philip Lim Fall 2013

Soon we’ll notice the trickle down effect of the use of this emerald tone: the company’s pick often widely embraced by graphic, interior, and (naturally!) fashion designers.  Even those who are decidedly anti-fashion or shrug at the idea of choosing an item tinged with the green pigment eventually become unknowing participants.  (My mind always references THAT scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestly schools Andy about the origin of her Cereulean sweater…)

Spanish based brand Skunk Funk (those quirky Europeans!) designs eco-friendly fun fashion
Spanish based brand Skunk Funk (those quirky Europeans!) designs eco-friendly fun fashion

I propose a sartorial game: in the coming weeks, tally how many shops, ads, people you encounter that have a hint of the jewel tone…

Watch out Manolo Blahnik and Louboutin!  Up-and-coming shoe designer Charlotte Olympia is nipping at your (sky) high heels
Watch out Manolo Blahnik and Louboutin! Up-and-coming shoe designer Charlotte Olympia is nipping at your (sky) high heels

To book an appointment with Miramar Dichoso, personal fashion stylist, email her at

(Images courtesy of 3.1 Phillip Lim, Skunk Funk, and Charlotte Olympia.)

dark shadows

dark shadows

For the past few days I’ve been nursing a cold.   This often involves fever dreams about my adolescence.  I vividly recall my flower print maxi dresses, discovering my love of mixing stripes with other prints, and seeing if it all went together with my Doc Martens.


Naturally, I have a soft spot for nineties fashion that seems to be popping up everywhere: chunky platform footwear, interesting cut outs and shoulder detailing, and lots of black.  Now I get to indulge in the looks I wore then (minus the perm I sorely regretted soon after), but with my new take.   Because it’s now worn with a more womanly perspective, it’s only fitting that there’s a sensuous element rather than the self conscious version of my teens.

My suggestion?  Going either side of the extreme: working an over-the-top look defined by one standout piece, like a blazer in velvet with a baroque pattern, or  ultra minimalist in a simple black dress using your bare skin and some choice jewelry as your accessories.  And if you catch a quick reflection or a faint shadow of yourself when you’re rocking your new look,  just imagine what the teenage version of yourself might say…


(Shoes and dress courtesy of; baroque print from

if the shoe fits

if the shoe fits


I realized I’ve been neglecting my male readers for too long.  Hopefully this post can start to remedy that…

Occasionally there is a brand whose current aesthetic folds effortlessly into your own you wonder if they’ve been looking in your journal and found a few of your doodles (yes, naturally I have a fondness for sketching shoes).

Cole Haan has always been a favorite of mine, since I am a devotee of the classic-with-a-twist look.  Excitingly, it looks like the brand is emphasizing the twist:


Take for example this wingtip: classic silhouette, but the outsole, with its colorful border, is what gives it a distinctive look.  Worn with a gray suit, the rest of the outfit can afford to be understated when you’ve got interesting accessories.  And what better way to inject some of your personality than a pair of sharp dress shoes?

Then there’s the interestingly named chukka boot (according to Wikipedia, the name comes from the game of polo).  These ankle length boots look great when paired with a dark raw denim with a rolled hem.

I especially like the chocolate color of the suede for fall:


Take a look at the rest of the collection here.

If you’re in the Austin area on September 22nd, I’ll be giving a style talk at the store.  Send me an email at if you want to attend.